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Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals
Nicola Wright
The Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals sets certification standards for the occupational health and safety profession. The BCRSP administers the CRSP® and CRST certification schemes, which are designed to verify competency. Certificants are dedicated to the principles of health and safety and are required to adhere to the Rules of Professional Practice. For more information, visit the www.bcrsp.ca.
Increasing health hazards in the workplace, mounting legislative obligations for employers, and the enormous costs associated with occupational incidents all add up to one strong message: you can't afford anything less than a certified health and safety professional. The days when you gave the safety job to anyone who showed an interest are long gone. The complexities of managing health and safety-from identifying potential hazards to controlling these hazards-demand expertise and experience. A Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP)® has met the academic, experience and examination requirements of a national registration authority; has in-depth knowledge of health and safety principles and practices who uses this knowledge to develop systems in your workplace in order to achieve optimum control over hazards detrimental to people, equipment, material and the environment; is committed to the principles of loss control, accident prevention and environmental protection; is an individual whose knowledge and skills are continually upgraded through continuous professional development program to ensure you always have a qualified, up-to-date professional managing your health and safety interests; and is committed to managing the organisation's health and safety issues and concerns according to a Code of Ethics. With a CRSP® you will have a professional with a portable designation that is recognized nationally and internationally. You'll save money since a CRSP® can step into the job, eliminating the need for your organisation to invest in training someone about health and safety. You get a pre-screened individual to help expedite your own recruitment process. For more information on hiring a CRSP® or applying for certification, visit the website at www.bcrsp.ca.
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