By Judith E. Glaser 

Conversations can be dynamic, interactive and inclusive – impacting the way we connect, engage, interact and influence others, and enabling us to shape reality, mindsets, events and outcomes in a collaborative way.

By Melissa Campeau

Plug “organizational culture” into Google and you get more than 32 million results. Clearly, culture is a topic on many people’s minds.

By Nik Kinley

Managers are still unsure about how to change behaviour.

In recent years, many businesses have invested in training managers to coach and develop their people. Yet new research suggests that far more support for managers is still needed.

By Alyson Nyiri, CHRP

Do What You Are; Who Are You Meant to Be?; Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow.
You’ve heard the titles and perhaps secretly worked through the books just to make HR was really for you.

By Alyson Nyiri, CHRP

The new way to connect mentors and mentees.

In the dating world, finding a compatible mate can be hit or miss. There are plenty of websites boasting their method results in better matches and possibly true love.

By Zut-Ying (Sue) Del Valle, CHRP

How important is social feedback to HR departments?

Every year, companies spend thousands of dollars on recruitment strategies and programs aimed at attracting the best talent, reaching passive candidates and broadening the employment brand recognition in the minds of potential candidates.